Governance of the MSC Committee of Management

Remit and constitution of the Committee of Management

About the Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is responsible for the general management of the club. It's roles, powers and responsibilities are defined variously by:

The structure of the Committee of Management is laid down by the Articles of Association. The following roles are all defined in the Articles, Rules and Standing Orders with specific responsibilities:

  • Commodore (also acts as Chairman of the Committee)
  • Vice-Commodore
  • Rear Commodore
  • Treasurer
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Sailing Secretary
  • Harbourmaster

Up to nine additional positions can be created as needed, and their responsibilities are defined by the Committee itself.  Currently these are:

  • House Manager
  • Bar Manager
  • Membership Secretary
  • Membership Development Manager
  • Bosun
  • Principle of Training School
  • Social Manager


A third of the members of the Committee need to be present at a meeting to form a quorum, and decisions are made by a majority vote.

Additional people are sometimes invited to assist the Committee of Management in a observer or non-voting capacity.

What does the Committee of Management actually do?

In short, just about everything to do with running the club for the benefit of the members.

  • Manages the bar and catering
  • Organises cleaning
  • Looks after and manages maintenance of club facilities
  • Deal with lease and rates issues with the City Council
  • Deal with access to the reservoir and water issues with British Waterways
  • Looks after the safety boats and club training boats
  • Manage the club finances
  • Work with the RYA and other groups to promote sailing on the reservoir
  • Look at ways to develop the club and safeguard its future
  • Manage the Exclusive days on the reservoir
  • Manage Open Meetings and other Club events
  • Publishes Mainsheet
  • Encourage participation in all club activities
  • Stages Awards Night and other social events
  • Supports Club entries to the Southport 24hr race and Junior Southport
  • Organises and supports Club training
  • Manages storage of members boats
  • And 101 other things too...

Joining the Committee of Management

Membership of the Committee of Management is open to anyone who is a Full Member of the club. There are 3 ways to join the Committee:

Volunteer - The Committee of Management has the power to co-opt new members at any time to serve untill the next AGM, subject to the maximum limit of 16 members.

Nomination - The Committee of Management may also nominate people to fill committee roles at the AGM.

Proposal - Anyone may stand for election at the AGM, if you are proposed by another Full member.

In practice, most people are cajoled into serving on the committee and are either co-opted mid-year or nominated at the AGM to take on a role. But anyone who is a Full member in good standing (ie, you've paid your subs!) may stand for election to the Committee of Management at the AGM.

The Commodore, Vice-Commodore and Rear Commodore may only serve in that capacity for a maximum of two years, and it is a custom of the club that the Rear Commodore will be elected as the new Vice-Commodore at the end of their term, and the Vice-Commodore will then be elected as the new Commodore.