Yellow puffs take the biscuit

Wednesday action 23 May 2012

Yellow Puffs take the biscuit.

The forecast low wind and rain and physical observations on site put off a few of the sailors for this evening race.  Others fell by the wayside during the race.  The OOD, Rich Adams, set a course that looked like a cross over WX that attempted to capture a windward leg.  In the event, according to the MSC weather toy, the wind raised its game to an average 4 knots with puffs of over 10.  With such racing enthusiasm, the bar opened early to celebrate Abi’s completion of her university course and Rob opened her purse on a regular basis. Thanks Abi.  Siobhan entertained us with a rendition of the Hoky Coky throwing young Harriette around with joyous abandon whilst discussing the problem of boob tubes.  Still, it would appear that within ten days Young H will have a sibling.  Where’s her purse?

Ah! The race.  Matt Smith launched in Trevor’s Solo.  The only Solo on the water as others had declined the wind’s offer.  Chris Skelcher’s boat had been disabled by poachers removing parts from his mast.  Annoying.

The first beat saw Matt and Jenny in the Europe puffing their way down to mark 1.  The next tranche of boats with a more favourable set of puffs had nearly caught them by that mark but Matt and Jenny held them off over the next couple of legs.

The four brightly coloured Merlins duly set off spreading themselves out across the water.  Malcolm showing clear determination by a huge early lead which only grew bigger.  Mike C chose to go right, right up to the dam wall thereby rationally avoiding the gusts but enabling a quick bit of street art graffiti on the wall.  David Homer must have been sad languishing inexplicably at the back even after a few minutes.

Yawn for a long while whilst Harriette took the stage.  Even the OOD joined in.

Looking round again, we saw that Paul Young had taken the obvious lead with the others crunching around.  ‘Jan the Phan’ closing up in his usual fashion and Team Julian/Chris in reverse formation somewhat erratically rising and falling in the fleet order.

The last leg provided the fun.  Paul took the honour in fine style. Jan second.  The trailing fleet spread their way down the last beat, Mike C going over to inspect his graffit handiwork and this time picking up a useful puff. A large pack of boats rounded the last mark.  Malcolm looked set to a short reach down to the finish line after impressively leading the Merlins all race.  But disaster!  The yellow boat of Mike C undertook him in a puff, Matt  slightly to windward in a puff, David more to windward in a puff and a few others creating puffy turbulence.  Mike C takes the Merlin win, David second Merlin leaving poor Malcolm crushed like a puff biscuit.

With all her exertions, Siobhan was puffed out too.