Circuits and bumps

Good racing on 22 Oct

The Ressy provided some good racing this weekend.  The wind was rather unsually from the south, sort of, varying between 195 to 155 degrees.  As always with round around wind comes the up and down strength with the median wind around 6 knots ("a light breeze") gusting up to 18 knots which certainly tied some sailors up in the same.  The barometric pressure dropped rapidly over the afternoon which made no real difference to anything  but i just wanted you to know that we have the technology! The OOD, Kevin, set a good course giving us a circuit with a chance of two beats and a gybe.  Lots of circuits enabled a few lappings and more than a few right of way situations as the boats crossed legs port, starboard, windward and the occasional rule 22.

Woodie and Jaydon set off in their  remarkable N12, fresh from near victory last week in the N12 open meeting, only to be lapping the water probably due to one of those big gusts.  In the second race, Andrew Prosser was substitute crew and showed how to be consistent with another capsize or two. Meanwhile, Colin Gilbert enjoyed a walk back along the shore as those wicked gusts got the better of the RedEnt. Apparently, he discovered the long lost Laser 2K rudder on the way. Mike Homer kept Dr Yasmin on her toes in the ClubEnt and I understand got her feet wet on more than one occasion. Those gusts again!

Roger Eaton was subjected to rigorous Merlin training and forced to crawl the plank up the deck to rescue the spinnaker sheets under the boat. A terrifying experience at the best of times but even worse when being shouted at by an irrascible, incompetent, bullying helm. So it could have been worse Rog!

The juniors showed the paces with the Laser 2k displaying all the sails with Chris Winters and Helena Taylor mastering the asymetric.  Alex Homer and Jon White practised for the forthcoming GP champs and were doing pretty well. 

The Commodore crewed by Lorenzo Zavoli, who has just completed the RYA level 2, whizzed round and proudly gained a respectable third place twice. That made him sixth I guess. 

Great to see so many new Level 2 graduates on the water.

But the day belonged to Paul Young and Megan Ward who were untroubled by events to take the winning honours in both races.