Southport Juniors!

Southport Juniors!

Smooth changovers the order of the day :)

Midland SC Juniors finish in 10th place at the Southport 12 Hour race.

Friday evening was, to say the least, interesting. After being thoroughly confused by lack of Midland representation and a few phone calls I concluded that I had arrived first. Meanwhile, our coach (Richard Dee) was battling through his afternoon. For starters, he had to de-rig and pack the vessel for trailing (he hasn’t a clue how GP’s work). Then he had to battle with the M6 Friday evening nightmare. Also, Rob Kennaugh saying that Abi was ill and wouldn’t be able to make it set him in good spirits.

Upon arriving at the supposed campsite, I think that we all battled the unrelenting concrete ground whilst attempting to erect our tents on small tufts of grass that gained a small hold over the concrete. Except of course, those who were clever enough and had the stamina to come and go in one day. By the time the man in the moon had shown, enough beer had lightened everyone’s view on this endeavour and the world was a nicer place.

The morning of Saturday the 26th June started with the sun climbing above the silhouettes of the clubhouse and assorted masts. This serine scene was completely ruined by the sheer amount of midges pestering contestants, coaches, family and friends alike. Another sunny day, Dicky emerges from his tent bleary eyed to find the team standing around like lemons. After a spurt of energy, we managed to rig the boat and put the numbers on the hull - nice and wonky. Post briefing, which included a touch of déjà vu seeing as it was exactly the same as every year before, Dicky seemed to disappear. Apparently it was to the important matter of finding his lucky hat and receive a text saying that Abi was was coming after all, which was lucky.

The start of the race was spot on, thanks to Mr Chris Winters astonishing skills. However, there was a small hiccup on the second leg of the very first lap. After pulling in front of all of the other GP’s, we ran aground - not good. After that it all went downhill - only joking! There was the whole fiasco of the 200 degree wind shift throughout the day, but right from the start the whole team put 120% into the race and we were rewarded by the respectable position of 10th.

Our aim for next year is to finish in the top 6. In two years time, we think we can win the 12 hour race. Though opinions on this vary from “no worries!” to “yeah, we’ll give it a go” to “nope, not gonna happen” I think we are all fairly confident that we will try our best and hope for the best! Thanks to all the team- Iain, Emily, Chris, Alex, Abi, Me. Even our coach was a happy chappy at how we sailed. After such a long day, I think we were all glad to collapse into some form of bed and fall into a deep, contented sleep.

Julian Forde