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Icknield Port Road
B16 0AA
Tel: 0121 454 0084
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Open Meetings

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Throughout the year Midland SC hosts a number of Open Meetings and other events at regional and national level.

Welcome, Visitors!

Full details of all upcoming open meetings will appear in the Upcoming Meetings list  (see under Open Meetings on the left) as well as in the Calendar tab at the top of the page and closer to the event they'll also be on our home page as well. Summary details are also listed on our Facebook page too.

Afterwards you'll hopefully be able to read all about it in our news pages, and with luck they'll be some photographs in the Gallery as well.

And if you're new to the regional circuits or you've not been to Midland SC then please have a look at our  Open Meeting FAQ for any questions that you might be too embarrased to ask other people.

How to find us

Icknield Port Road
B16 0AA

You'll find our main entrance between a pedestrian crossing and the large blue Centennial Center. See the full map and directions.

If you've been to Midland SC before, the roundabout at the bottom of Icknield Port Road where it meets the Ladywood Middleway (A4540) was "improved" during the December 2010 and now has traffic lights and filter lanes.

Edgbaston Reservoir


This is the the usual layout of course marks, starting with number one in front of the clubhouse and then going clockwise around the lake to number seven in front of the start box.

To make races more interesting the Race Officer may move some of them before each race, or may introduce an additional mark number zero.

The course to be sailed will always be displayed on the committee boat and will probably be discussed during the briefing too, often with hints about local conditions too which is why it's really useful to attend.

Entry Costs

Despite recent increases in costs we're trying to keep the entry fee to £12 per boat, payable in cash or by cheque to "Midland Sailing Club". Some class associations also levy an additional fee to cover administration and prize costs for their regional series. See the details for each event under Upcoming Meetings.

A Typical Meeting

The usual format of our Open Meetings is three races, of which two will count towards your final result. The first race is sailed at 11:00 followed by lunch. The second and third races then follow and may be sailed back-to-back depending on how things have progressed.  After the first race the remaining timings are approximate and of course weather dependent and at the discretion of the Race Officer.

09:00 Club open
10:30 Race Briefing - all competitors must attend
11:00 First gun for Race1
First gun for Race 2
First gun for Race 3


The club has benefited from improvements to our facilities in recent years and we are pleased to offer:

  • Warm changing rooms
  • Hot showers
  • Bar
  • Lunch available, plus soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day
  • Disabled toilet and shower
  • Free parking

The reservoir is also a local nature reserve and there's a track all around the reservoir with open space for little ones to run about it should you want to bring the family. We're just a couple of miles from the city centre too, and the delights of Broad Street, Brindley Place and the Bull Ring if that's their idea of a good day out.

Lunch normally consists of something warm and filling during the colder months or something more appropriate for hot Sunday afternoons in the summer, plus a veggie option too. Please book and pay for your lunch at registration.

What can I expect from an Open Meeting?

If you've never been to an open meeting before, then the first time can seem a little intimidating at first. The most difficult part will be hitching your boat to a car and towing, once you're here you'll find it just like any club race, but perhaps a little more formal and of course with a lot more boats on the start line.

  • A lot of fun
  • A new race experience
  • A chance to learn and improve
  • Some seriously good racing and keen competition

See the Open Meetings FAQ for more information

Main Events

We host an open meeting for each of our main fleets every year. From time to time we also host other events, including junior and nationals as well as events for some of our growing classes within the menagerie fleet. See Upcoming Events for full details.

Regional Series

EnterpriseEmblem.jpg Enterprise Double Chine
The Midland Area of the Enterprise Class association covers about 15 clubs in both the East and West Midlands, plus the AGM Pursuit Race.

Midland Bell
The Midlands and East Coast Area of the GP14 Class association covers a huge area from Shropshire to Norfolk and Suffolk. The Midland Bell covers 15 clubs in the Midlands, plus the Area Championship.

Merlin Rocket
Midland Circuit
Midland SC is the geographic founder of the Merlin Rocket Class Associations' Midland Circuit which is open to any MR clubs within 60 miles or so of us.

It's also a qualifying event for the Silver Tiller in most years too, which is a national series run by the Merlin Rocket Class Association.
Midland Mug
Midland Traveller
The Solo's  started hosting an Open Meeting in 2008 and have settled into a regular slot in the racing calendar


National 12

Midland Traveller The most recent introduction, The N12s find the subtleties of the Reservoir just right.


Like all clubs, racing is subject to the Notice of Race for the event and any Open Meeting Sailing Instructions which may be in force at the time. These are all based on the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) regulations as adapted for local conditions. You'll find a link to these from each event, which are listed under Upcoming Events and open meetings.

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